At the heart of Clear Cut Pictures is its award winning sound department offering full audio post facilities, including sound mixing and voiceover services, in either of our two facilities.


With eight state of the art dubbing theatres and a multi talented sound team we are perfectly set up to handle any job from a 30 second spot through to ADR facilities and a full blown 5.1 drama mix.


All of our theatres are fully networked and are technologically equipped to handle any project.  However it is the skill of our sound team behind this technology that makes the difference and the reason why you should choose Clear Cut for your dub.


We believe good sound isn’t something that just happens; it’s a direct result of the ability of the dubbing mixer and sound editor to evoke a particular emotion within the viewer. When carefully edited dialogues are balanced together with a combination of music, well placed sound effects and beautiful atmospheres, the results can be magical and elevate the quality of any programme to the very highest levels.


Meet the team