The colour grade is often when things come to life visually, and to get your visuals singing our team of colourists draw on their love of moving image and stills photography to make the grade a personal one for each film ensuring your film stands out from the rest.


They are experienced with the range of grading options we offer at Clear Cut; Nucoda FilmMaster, Baselight, DaVinci Resolve, Symphony Nitris and FCP Color; the choice of which is linked to budget and the type or project being tackled.


The FilmMaster is the very best in grading technology and gives our team the speed and accuracy needed to make your rushes happy.  Its background rendering means everything is realtime so no waiting for renders. Film Master also has the Digital Vision Optics restoration toolset on board which adds powerful effects for grain and noise reduction, stabilization and scratch removal among others.


Coupled with our Baselight grading system, we cover the industry standards for grading hardware.


We also offer the option of grading on DaVinci Resolve, which also offers 4K grading capability and is fast becoming the choice of feature film and commercial colourists.  Feel free to talk to us to see which solution is best suited to your production.


Meet the team


Graeme Hayes Grading Showreel