From cameras like RED and Alexa, through to industry staples such as XDCam, C300, Canon XF and P2, and the myriad of consumer formats, Clear Cut Pictures has extensive experience of dealing with the different forms of tapeless and tape based media.


And whilst this myriad of formats has given us so much freedom of choice, sometimes these decisions can prove a little daunting.  Especially since decisions made at the pre-production stage can impact upon the workflow and budget much further down the line.


At Clear Cut we have a team of helpful Post Producers and Technical Operators that are ready to assist you with those difficult questions, ensuring that we take every tiny detail into consideration.


Our teams have designed efficient workflows for practically every file based format and codec created to date, for both Avid and Final Cut Pro; and when a new format arrives, they are always ready to deal with the latest technology developments.


Be it 4K, XDCam, GoPro or even security camera footage, we’re there to tailor a workflow to suit your production requirements and Clear Cut can now offer complete flexibility across all three of our sites due to a private fibre connection.

We’re also able to offer comprehensive backup solutions to both near-line drives and LTO tapes to give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your tapeless rushes material.