If you’re going to spend several weeks in a room constructing a story, you want to know that you’re going to be looked after and given a solid platform for your narrative to be told.


Here at Clear Cut we have the equipment and an experienced technical team that give you the ability to do just that, be it in West or Central London.  All housed in a relaxing environment that helps alleviate those stressful deadlines.


You have the choice of editing at HD online resolution or even offline at 10:1, meaning you have the ability to check focus in your offline edit, saving you both time and money when it comes to the online finishing stages.


We offer 60 offline suites which are down-scalable from the latest versions of Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro, giving you the flexibility and choice of editing platforms to suit your needs, all stored on one of the country’s largest storage systems and connected by our dedicated fibre line.


You will also have the ability to work at an online resolution, a must for those fast turnaround projects that edit up to the wire and we’ve even run online resolution projects down our fibre line from one location to another.


Offline Set-up


We have gained valuable experience working in partnership with several production companies to assist them in setting up and supporting their own in-house offline edits for Avid and FCP. It is becoming more and more apparent with smaller budgets and tighter schedules that production companies need to explore other avenues in order to hit delivery on budget, and we are always happy to help.


We were approached to help devise workflows that enable our clients to offline edit from their production houses and then bring the Online/Grading/Audio work to Clear Cut for the finishing and final delivery.


If this is something that you think we can help with then drop us an email to bookings@clearcut.cc or call 0207 605 1700.