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ESL Counterstrike for YouTube &Twitch

Clear Cut Pictures provided full post production on this unique project, shining a light on the world of e-gaming. The offline was cut on Adobe Premiere Pro utilising Adobe’s ‘Productions’ and ‘proxy toggle’ workflows enabling a collaborative edit project shared between several suites. The stunning anamorphic 8k Red Komodo and 4k Sony FX9 footage was de-squeezed, transcoded and synced and grouped for offline editing alongside the dynamic event game footage from the tournament. Da Vinci Resolve was chosen for colour grade and Online due to its interoperability support for with Adobe Premiere sequences and the ability to finish and deliver from a single platform without the need for multiple turnovers. The film was delivered in UHD resolution with a classy letterboxed DCI scope aspect ratio.
The mix was led by Dubbing Mixer, Laurie Goode who worked to make all sound effect elements relating to gameplay as authentic and true to the sound of the CS:GO game as possible. Particular examples of this can be heard during the final scene of the show. Laurie used this opportunity to use creative sound design, along with various effects & filtering to put the viewers front and centre with the losing team. Roaring crowds, music and celebratory fireworks fall into the background, with subtle moments of sound design taking over, eventually leading us into the final words and thoughts of team players.