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Shine TV for Channel 4

The highly anticipated return of Hunted saw a new cohort of fugitives embarking on a daring quest to evade capture in search of a cash prize. Assistant Chief Constable Lisa Theaker employed a formidable arsenal of tracking tools including GPS, drones, tracker dogs, mobile phone surveillance, motorbikes, and a specialized team of law enforcement and military personnel, to thwart their plans.

Abi South, Senior Post Producer at Clear Cut, played a crucial role in supporting her client Shine TV with the Hunted series. Abi’s expertise, honed from working on previous series of Hunted, was instrumental as she facilitated the smooth delivery of full post-production services.

Damion Katwaroo, Colourist at Clear Cut, had preliminary discussions with Shine’s executives, the DoP and the Series Director, following test shoots. Together, they crafted a visual roadmap for the series by establishing a customised lookup table. This LUT served as a guide to ensure seamless visual continuity across all episodes, despite the diverse camera formats utilized and challenges posed by varying low-light conditions.

Dubbing Mixer Aoife McCrohan built on her experience of mixing Hunted S6 & Celebrity Hunted S4. Using Pro Tools, Aoife said ‘This is a very busy, very choppy, fast paced programme. The dialogues have an immense number of edits to get through, the tracklay requires a large amount of Atmos and FX to build the soundscapes of all the different locations and enhance the excitement of the action happening, and the music is a driving force throughout the entire programme.‘ She upheld the clarity of sound while retaining the raw intensity and suspenseful atmosphere associated with the experience of being on the run. This delicate equilibrium between clear audio and maintaining the gritty, high-stakes ambience was a characteristic feature of the previous series, capturing the essence of the show’s narrative tension.