Faking It: Tears of a Crime Series Two

The eagerly awaited second series of Faking It: Tears of a Crime starts on Investigation Discovery tonight at 10pm.


Faking It: Tears of a Crime unearths the spine-tingling deception behind some of the world’s most notorious and high-profile criminal cases, including the Soham Murders of two ten-year-old girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, Tracie Andrews who claimed her boyfriend was a victim of road rage, Britain’s infamous ‘Cesspit Killer’, Ian Stewart, found guilty in February 2017 of burying alive his partner and popular children’s author, Helen Bailey, and the infamous case of Oscar Pistorius.


In the age of 24-hour news and social media, the spotlight on crime has never been so fierce, but detection techniques continue to evolve and this series joins a panel of experts in psychology, body language and linguistics as they interrogate these criminal cases, revealing the tiny mistakes made by criminals trying, often very publicly, to hide their guilt.


They may have cried for the cameras and lied to the public, but they didn’t get away with it.


THE WATCHER: Cliff Lansley, director of the Emotional Intelligence Unit, in an acknowledged expert on body language. The US Department of Homeland security uses Cliff to train staff in detecting whether suspected terrorists at airports are telling the truth.


THE LISTENER: With a PhD in Linguistics, Professor Dawn Archer is a foremost authority on verbal communication. A head of department at Manchester Metropolitan University, Dawn is employed by UK police forces to analyse transcripts of suspects’ interrogations.


THE PROFILER: Kerry Daynes is a Consultant Forensic Psychologist who works with some of Britain’s most complex and challenging criminals in prisons and special hospitals. She runs two private psychology practices, and assists police investigations.


Full post production lovingly carried out by the team at Clear Cut Pictures.


Seven Days in Summer: Countdown to Partition

Tuesday 15 August, 9pm on BBC Two


Today India and Pakistan are home to one fifth of the world’s population. They are rising powers but hostile neighbours. Their enmity can be traced back to the week of their birth, 70 years ago. On 15 August 1947, Britain would give up the Indian Empire, partitioning it in into two independent countries, India and Pakistan. This film tells the story of the seven days that led up to their independence and the last days of the British Raj.


Clear Cut Pictures had the pleasure of working with Voltage TV on this powerful and moving story of some of the millions of people affected by this unique historical event, including original first-hand testimony voiced by actors, powerful archive footage and a cast of insightful experts.


The film plays as part of the BBC Two Partition Season. Watch the trailer here.


Full post production carried out by the team at Clear Cut Pictures.


Clear Cut Pictures appointments new Communications Manager

We are pleased to announce that Clear Cut Pictures has appointed Natalie Samson as our Communications and Marketing Manager, a newly created position at the company. Natalie joins the company having previously held the role of Head of Awards and Events at the membership organisation Women in Film and TV (UK). Formerly a Producer working across a wide range of factual content, including specialising in 3D production, Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge of the UK industry to the company.


Natalie said: ‘I am thrilled to be joining Clear Cut; their post and finishing output is of the highest quality and their creative team and facilities are fantastic. I look forward to working across the entire company and with their clients to continue celebrating their successes, as well as developing an even stronger presence in a busy post production market.


Rowan Bray, MD stated: ‘Natalie is the perfect choice for this role. Her enthusiasm and deep industry knowledge will bring fantastic opportunities to Clear Cut, we are looking forward to working with her to strengthen our relations with all our clients’


Cash Trapped

The fun starts today!
Bradley Walsh welcomes six contestants to a brand new series of CASH TRAPPED – the strategic quiz show – which features six players who cannot leave the contest until somebody wins.
Following a series of quickfire question rounds, the contestant with the most money goes up against the rest of the players to try and relieve them of their winnings.
If they are successful, they escape with all the cash. If the rest of the group manage to hold on to their winnings, then they all remain Cash Trapped until the next episode.
Tune in weekdays from 5.00-6.00pm to play along from home.
Full post production at our Bloomsbury facility.


Grierson Awards 2017: The Shortlist

A huge congratulations to all of our wonderful clients who have been shortlisted for a Grierson Award.
We are proud to say that THREE of the projects Clear Cut have worked on have been shortlisted:
Best Science Documentary 
How to Build a Human – Episode 1 
Stephen Mizelas for Little Gem Media 
Best Science Documentary 
The Drug Trial: Emergency at the Hospital 
Barbie MacLaurin for Raw TV 
Best Current Affairs Documentary 
MPs: Behind Closed Doors 
Rachel Tracy for Sundog Pictures 
Best of luck to everyone who has been shortlisted!
See the full listings here – http://www.griersontrust.org/grierson-awards/the-grierson-awards/shortlist/


Mission Mudder

Here’s one for for all the Tough Mudder Conqueror’s out there!


Tune-in to Sky Sports Mix Tuesday 18th July at 7.00pm to watch the premiere of Wilson Worldwide Productions’ new series Mission Mudder.

Get a taste of the mud by watching this action-packed trailer!

Full post production carried out at Clear Cut’s Shepherd’s Bush facility.


“We have all enjoyed working out of Clear Cut, W14, it’s been a busy productive period making the Mission Mudder Season One for SKY SPORTS MIX , all gone so smoothly. Everyone has been helpful and interested in the subject matter, so much so that Clear Cut are entering their own Team this year for a Tough Mudder!”

Sally Norris (Series Producer)
Wilson Worldwide Productions