We’re Hiring: Technical Services Manager & Senior Edit Assistant / Technical Operator

Building on our recent success, we are looking to expand our operations team. If you are as passionate about television as we are, check out our current opportunities…
Technical Services Manager 
The ideal candidate will have relevant experience and a high level of competence to perform the tasks required of them. 
We are looking for evidence of continuous technical progression in the role you’ve held to date on which we will build, as we offer training and personal development across our team of skilled Operators.
Please apply here via Grapevine Jobs: Technical_Services_Manager
Senior Edit Assistant / Technical Operator 
We are looking for people with passion for Post production and friendly proactive personalities. 
The successful candidates are required to perform a wide range of complex tasks with a high level of responsibility ensuring that the department is offering our clients a premium quality technical support service.
Please apply here via Grapevine Jobs: Senior_Edit_Assistant_Technical_Operator


Horizon: Dippy and the Whale

Move over Dippy the dinosaur – Earth’s biggest animal is now the star attraction for Natural History Museum-goers!
London’s Natural History Museum has undergone a major revamp with a blue whale skeleton now forming the main exhibit as visitors come through the front door and the BBC was given exclusive access to the whole process.
Clear Cut Pictures had the pleasure of working with BBC Studios to create this wonderful Horizon documentary, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
Airing tonight at 9.00pm on BBC Two, we meet the descendants of the Irish fisherman who despatched the animal with a makeshift harpoon after it had beached off County Wexford in March 1891.
Horizon also join the Cascadia Research Group as they track migrating blue whales to North America and the Pacific Coast.
The group, co-founded by John Calambokidis, attaches tags to the giant creatures. Held on by suction cups, these devices record the behaviour of the whales, even capturing 4K video as they dive underwater.
Don’t miss Horizon: Dippy and the Whale tonight at 9.00pm on BBC Two.
Full post production carried out at Clear Cut’s Shepherd’s Bush facility.


Clear Cut Pictures secures new Managing Director

We are thrilled to announce that Clear Cut Pictures has appointed Rowan Bray as Managing Director.
Rowan joins from Molinare, where she was Group Facility Manager, having previously held the post of Managing Director across Prime Focus’s UK post production services.
Rowan said: ‘I am delighted to be joining Clear Cut – it’s a great facility with loyal clients, a brilliant body of work, wide-ranging facilities and a strong creative team.
We have exciting plans for the company that will build on our excellent reputation and services.’
Horacio Queiro, CEO and owner stated: ‘Rowan will be able to focus on meeting the expanding requests of our returning clients. With so much going on across our three facility sites, her wealth of experience is just what we need as we start this new chapter for Clear Cut.’


Creative Review: Galapagos

Programme: Galapagos 3 x 60′ for BBC One
Client: Atlantic Productions
Brief: Picture Post-Production on a 3 x 60′ series following Liz Bonnin and an expert team of international scientists, as they embark on a once in a lifetime journey across the magical Galapagos Islands.
How it was done:
With much of the content acquired in various 4K RAW formats (from Red, Sony and DJi cameras), the decision was to deploy a premium workflow that offered Colourist Graeme Hayes maximum creative control in the Baselight.
The flexibility of grading with the native RAW formats meant that there was no compromise on quality. This was especially useful with the deep underwater dive shots that were very dark.
By utilising RAW settings such as ISO and exposure, Graeme was able to grade shots with great impact and the bare minimum of visual noise. This would have been very difficult with a ‘baked in’ codec.
Head of Online Dan Preston-Bear then further enhanced the films with a sensitive and naturalistic approach that means the viewer can focus on the fascinating and beautiful subject matter.
The results of this workflow are stunning and offer the viewer a fantastic insight to the Islands.
Watch: Episode one is now available on BBC iPlayer. You can watch episode two & three on BBC One, Thursday’s at 9.00



Tonight, we join Liz Bonnin and a team of world-renowned scientists as they set off for one of the most ambitious scientific expeditions ever attempted in the Galapagos.
Located on the equator – one of the greatest treasures of the natural world and a biological wonderland – evolution has proceeded at an extraordinary pace.
For six weeks, the dedicated team will travel 1000km around this remote archipelago, scaling down volcanic caves, going on the deepest dive ever carried out on the Galapagos Islands and visiting hidden worlds to unlock old mysteries and make new discoveries – this is Atlantic Productions’ Galapagos.
Utilising advanced filming techniques and cutting-edge graphics, this series provides a unique window into one of the world’s most important habitats and its remarkable wildlife, which includes the iconic giant tortoises, playful sea lions and extraordinary pink iguanas.
Tune in to BBC One tonight at 9.00pm – This is a series not to be missed!
Full Picture Post Production carried out at Clear Cut Pictures:
Senior Colourist: Graeme Hayes
Head of Online: Dan Preston-Bear
Post Producer: Nicky Burchett


Look at what we’ve been up to.

What a brilliant year we’ve had at Clear Cut Pictures!
We’ve had the pleasure of working with the UK’s best production companies on many fantastic projects.
Our personal approach to every project we work on really helps our clients to relax and bring their production to life.
Here is our showreel with some of the amazing projects we’ve worked on in the last year… Check it out!