Phillip Schofield’s ‘How To Spend It Well At Christmas’ on ITV

This new three-part factual consumer series features Phillip Schofield inviting celebrity guests, experts and members of the public to help him test the latest must-have festive buys. Each programme aims to give an insider’s guide to what to buy for Christmas by testing, rating and reviewing the very latest products jostling for a place under the tree. Guest testers include Jonathan Ross, Rosemary Schrager, Stacey Solomon along with Love Island’s Chris and Kem. Over the course of the series, they will aim to help viewers decide how to spend their Christmas cash on items from toys and gifts, to gadgets and food, to drink and decorations.


The series from the team at RDF / Banijay starts tonight, Tuesday 28th November on ITV at 8pm.


Our Clear Cut Pictures team loved working on this fun series in the lead up to Christmas.


Wild Pictures latest programme ‘Stalkers’ on BBC One

Over one million people in the UK are stalked each year. Yet only 1% of cases end in conviction. A 2017 government report has revealed nationwide failings in the way that police and the Crown Prosecution Service respond to this invasive and terrifying crime.


This documentary from the team at Wild Pictures has exclusive access to Paladin, a national independent charity fighting to protect victims of stalking. Filmed over 12 months, ‘Stalkers’ follows three of Paladin’s high-risk cases and chillingly reveals what it is like be hunted, face death threats and live in fear of your live every single day …


The programme is already receiving rave reviews:

‘A shocking film which follows the work of Paladin – a charity founded to protect the victims of stalking’ - OBSERVER


‘There is a stalking epidemic in Britain but the government is doing nothing to stop it according to this disturbing documentary…’ - DAILY TELEGRAPH


With one in five women and one in ten men experiencing stalking at some point in their lives, often with profound consequences, both personal and professional this programme is essential viewing for everyone.


10.45pm Monday 20th November, BBC1


Series looking at Internet Dating Murders, on Really Channel

91 million of us worldwide search for love online, but internet dating can be a dangerous game.


Nowadays, there’s nothing unusual about meeting a stranger for a date, and most of us never think about the dark side of the web and the predators who lurk there. With access to the victims’ families and the police who worked tirelessly to bring the perpetrators to justice, this series examines some of the real life love stories that ended in tragedy.


Each episode follows one resolved murder case, where the victim met their murderer on an internet dating site. With key interviews taking us through the twists and turns, supported by archive, police footage and reconstruction, we tell the story of the dramatic chase to catch the killer.


So, how well do you really know the person you’re dating?


We are proud of our work on this great series from the production team at Popkorn.


“It was a pleasure to work with the talented individuals on Clear Cut’s team, from the Grade, through the On-line and the Dub. We brought a complicated mix of elements to our final post, which they navigated with creative thinking and thorough preparation, making the process as smooth and glitch-free as it could possibly be: and we are very grateful to them!” Emma Pierce, Executive Producer


Highly Anticipated ‘Angry, White & American’ on Channel 4

The highly anticipated programme Angry, White & American will air on Channel 4, Thursday 9th November at 10pm.


The Channel 4 clip of Gary Younge interviewing self-styled leader of the “alt right” Richard Spencer has clocked up 1.8million views in less than 24 hours and started an ever growing emotional online conversation. Watch the trailer and the interview here.


It’s one of a series of telling encounters in Gary Younge’s journey across the United States a year after Donald Trump was elected. He explores how falling living standards, decreasing life expectancy and a demographic time-bomb that could see them become a minority within a generation, has sent some white Americans into angry retreat. Younge, an award-winning journalist, who spent 12 years living in and reporting on America, has a love-hate relationship with the country. For decades, understanding race in America meant commentators focussed on black people. This time, Gary Younge flips the script and talks only to white Americans, as he drives from the whitest state in the union, Maine – to the blackest, Mississippi.


You can read more about Younge’s travels in his Guardian article here.


The team at Clear Cut Pictures are incredibly proud of their work on this must watch programme from Sugar Films.


‘I really enjoyed cutting at Clear Cut in Bloomsbury. It feels so homely and we felt really well looked after throughout the edit. The staff and runners always fell over backwards to provide everything we needed. The post production team were first rate – I really enjoyed my grade with Graeme Hayes and my dub with Adam Wood – both super creative and fast. And our room overlooked the gorgeous leafy garden – spread over two levels it has loads of space to sit, eat, chat or think in – a rare asset in the centre of London.’  Jenny Ash, Director; Angry White & American


‘Dispatches: Trouble on the Trains’ on Channel 4

On Monday Channel 4 Dispatches will show the challenges and pressures faced by BTP every single week, as officers help police football fans as they journey to games across the country.


In the last three football seasons alone, BTP has spent nearly £16m on policing the journeys of fans to the 134 professional football teams in England, Scotland and Wales. Filming undercover, “Dispatches: Trouble on the Trains” captured a number of incidents of verbal abuse and hate crime – documenting how BTP investigated the offences and pursued the offenders.


Chief Constable Paul Crowther said: “A big part of our job at BTP is helping to move large numbers of people across the rail network – to concerts, evenings out, and to and from work each day. “But what this Dispatches shows is that we are spending a disproportionate amount of time chaperoning grown adults around the country who are behaving badly, singing racist chants and being abusive to other passengers. “This type of behaviour is not something that anyone should have to accept. At best, it is intimidating to other people on the trains and at the stations – and at worst, it is hate crime.”


To read more about the programme click here.


Clear Cut Pictures are proud to have contributed to this important programme produced by the team at Bigger Bang.


Dispatches: Trouble on the Trains, Channel 4, Monday 6th November at 8pm.


‘Many thanks for all your hard work on Trouble on the Trains. It did very well and we’re delighted with the reaction and the viewing figures.’ Iain Riddick, Bigger Bang


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